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10956 root canal treatment

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10956 root canal treatment
10956 root canal treatment

When you are suffering from the pain and other symptoms that come about as the result of an infection in the pulp of your tooth, you want and need immediate relief. At New City Endodontics, you can be certain that you’ll get exactly that and have it done by our specialist, who has the high level of skill and experience to make the process smooth and not scary at all. Thanks to our 10956 root canal treatment, you won’t need to be fearful of the procedure. Instead, you’ll see it as your rescue from the pain your infection is causing you.

The most common reason to need our 10956 root canal treatment is that a decayed tooth or one with a deep filling or that has a chip or crack has allowed bacteria to gain access to the pulp at the base of your tooth. It’s also possible that facial trauma from an accident or injury can lead to the need for root canals. The most easily identifiable sign that you probably need one done is pain, usually severe, when you try to chew with the tooth or you apply pressure to it. Other indications are sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, tender gums, and tooth discoloration. If you experience any of the above, call us right away and schedule an appointment with our endodontist.

The procedure itself takes one or more visits to complete. After you are sufficiently numbed with a local anesthetic, our 10956 root canal treatment begins by gaining access to the pulp. This requires drilling from the top of the tooth. Don’t worry. Most patients report feeling very little if any discomfort during root canal. The nerve and injured pulp, along with any debris, will be cleaned out and the area sealed. If you need more than one session, a temporary crown will be placed between appointments to protect the tooth. The best news is that once the nerve and pulp are taken out, typically during the first visit, any pain you were feeling will subside. When the work is done, you will then be measured for a permanent crown, one that will not only keep the tooth safe, but restore it to full size.

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