Cracked tooth North Bergen County

Cracked Tooth North Bergen County

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Diagnosing and treating a cracked tooth in North Bergen County

Cracked tooth North Bergen County
Cracked tooth North Bergen County

Welcome to New City Endodontics. Our state of the art dental office is dedicated to the needs of patients so that we can provide them with the best in dental care and general and cosmetic dentistry. A toothache can be a result of a few different things. Sometimes a toothache may stem from tooth decay, which is a common problem, but it can also be caused by a cracked tooth North Bergen County. Teeth can crack due to direct trauma, an injury or wear and tear.

Toothaches from cracked teeth can be very painful and need immediate treatment. Tooth pain may come in the form of sharp pain while eating hot or cold foods, sensitivity to heat or cold, or swelling and redness around the gum area. Using a soft toothbrush can help ease the painful symptoms of sensitive teeth but if the pain is very severe, a trip to our offices may be needed. Treatment for a cracked tooth North Bergen County depends on the location and extent of the crack. If a piece of the tooth’s chewing surface has broken off, it won’t cause much pain but a crown or filling can be placed over it to protect it. If the crack has extended below the gum line, it cannot be treated and will need extraction. But this can be avoided if a cracked tooth has been treated before it gets worse. Split teeth are the result of a cracked tooth progressing over time. It can possibly be treated with a root canal.

Whatever the problem, our dentist can diagnose and treat it immediately. A cracked tooth North Bergen County doesn’t have to get worse over time. We can help. For more information, call our emergency dentist today. We can set appointments, help solve your emergency tooth needs, and answer any questions you may have.

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