Dislodged teeth in New City

Dislodged Teeth in New City

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Dislodged teeth in New City
Dislodged teeth in New City

There are many different reasons as to why you may need to see your dentist. While there are plenty of routine reasons why you should schedule regular appointments, such as for professional teeth cleanings and other forms of preventative care, but it is absolutely essential that you see your dentist about any sustained dental injuries as soon as you can. A dislodged tooth can certainly be troublesome and can pose problems for your overall oral health. We here at New City Endodontics can provide you with the complete care that you need in order to treat dislodged teeth in New City.

Suffering from a dental injury can be incredibly painful. Depending on the amount of damage sustained in the injury, you may be at risk for other problems in relation to the injury itself, but no matter what you need to make sure that you see a dentist as soon as you can. Injuries to the mouth can push teeth back into their sockets or they can shift them so that the tooth is only partially in the socket. In either case, you will need expert care in order to resolve the issue. Here at New City Endodontics, our dentist can help treat dislodged teeth in New City. Either one of our dentists, Dr. Vinieris or Dr. Mastronihalis, can help to reposition and help to stabilize the tooth in question. If the pulp of the tooth is still healthy, then no additional treatments will be necessary – the dislodged tooth can simply be put back into place and set. If the pulp of the tooth is at all damaged or infected, then you may need root canal therapy as well. Root canal therapy involves surgically removing the affected tissue and getting rid of infection.

If you suffer from any kind of dental injury, the sooner you see a dentist the better. The longer you wait to have the condition treated, the more likely you will suffer from infection and other complications that may add onto your initial treatment. In order to get the care that you need for dislodged teeth in New City, call us here at New City Endodontics to learn more and to schedule your appointment today.

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