Endodontic office in Rockland County

Endodontic Office in Rockland County

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What is a root canal in Rockland County

Many people are afraid to have root canal therapy, but thanks to advances in today’s dental technology, it doesn’t have to be that way. At New City Endodontics our endodontic office in Rockland County can perform root canal therapy in just a few hours, painlessly and in our offices. Root canal therapy is needed when the inner pulp of a tooth has become damaged and is starting to harm the rest of the tooth.

A root canal procedure done by our endodontic office in Rockland County consists of the damaged pulp inside the tooth being removed to alleviate the swelling and pain, in order to clear the infection, before finally cleaning and sealing the area. The tissue must be removed in order to prevent future infection. For more information on root canal therapy and how we can help you have healthy teeth, call our offices today so our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have regarding your root canal, and schedule an appointment for you if necessary.

Damage to the tooth’s fragile inner pulp can happen due to damage, from cavities that form decay, from a crack or chip, or from repeated dental procedures within the same area. Once the pulp has gotten infected, it can be very painful and cause a dangerous condition called an abscess. The abscess is caused by bacteria forming around the pulp, deep inside the tooth and at the tooth’s root. For more information, call our endodontic office in Rockland County today. You can also connect with our social media websites such as Google Plus and Facebook through our convenient, easy to use website and web portal. We’re open Monday through Friday, and Saturdays until 2pm, which allows us to better serve our patients. We are here to answer questions, anytime, so that we can better help educate and keep our patients up to date on the latest in dental practices.

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