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Here at New City Endodontics, one of the most common services that our top endodontist in 10956 provides for our patients is root canal therapy. Do those three words leave you shaking in your boots? We are here to reassure you that root canal therapy by no means has to live up to its scary or painful reputation. When you are in the hands of our capable and experienced endodontist in 10956, you can rest assured that root canal therapy will be just another routine procedure. n fact, root canal therapy can often make the difference between saving a tooth or having to have ti extracted and replaced with a false tooth.

The most common reason that our endodontist in 10956 recommends root canal therapy is if you have a tooth in which the pulp has been infected. The pulp is the collection of soft tissue cropped-1.jpglocated at the center of each of your teeth. If you have a tooth that is decayed or damaged in some way, then the pulp o fate tooth is then easily exposed to any bacteria present within you mouth at any time. We all have bacteria like tartar and plaque in our mouths, and so it important to carefully brush and floss in order to remove these bacteria to the best of our ability. It is also important to seek treatment at the first sign of decay or if you break or crack a tooth so that it can be repaired before the pulp has a chance to get infected. However, some signs of an infection to look out for include: moderate to sever tooth pain, increased pain while biting down, increased tooth sensitivity, or a darkening or discoloration of the tooth. If you notice these signs, you should schedule an appointment with us here at New City Endodontics so that we can determine if a root canal procedure is necessary.

If you would like to learn more about how our endodontist in 10956 can be of service to you, be sure to visit the main New City Endodontics website to browse through some additional, detailed information that you might find useful. Feel free to contact us at the office directly if you have any questions or concerns.