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Endodontist Spring Valley New York

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Apicoectomy in Spring Valley New York

Endodontist Spring Valley New York
Endodontist Spring Valley New York

If you need to have a root end resection, also known as an apicoectomy, you should come to see us at our endodontic practice, New City Endodontics. When you visit our practice, you will be seen by our endodontist Spring Valley New York, either Dr. Maria Vinieris or Dr. George Mastromihalis.

Our endodontist Spring Valley New York is a specialist in providing special types of treatment to help save a tooth. A root end resection is a surgical procedure that is performed at our office; it is used to remove infection from the tip of a tooth’s root, as well as to remove infection from the surrounding tissue. This specialized procedure is needed when a root canal procedure is not successful, and infection and inflammation still exists. Sometimes this treatment is even needed after an endodontic retreatment has been performed. In any event, it is always worthwhile to have your tooth saved rather than to lose the tooth from infection and inflammation and need to get a dental implant or other tooth replacement after the tooth is lost. During a root end resection, our endodontist will make an incision in the gum tissue so that he or she can reach the bone and tissue which needs to be treated. Any damaged tissue will then be removed, as well as the end of the root tip. Our endodontist will then place a root-end filling which will prevent reinfection of the tooth’s root. After this is done, the gums are closed with stitches. During the healing time that will follow, the bone will completely heal around the root. This healing process will take several months; however, once it is completed, your tooth will be returned to its full function.

To visit our endodontist Spring Valley New York to see what type of treatment can be performed to save your tooth, contact our office today. Our endodontists are highly-skilled in performing tooth-saving procedures and will give your teeth the best chance of healing and staying intact in your mouth.

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