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New City best endodontist

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New City endodontic office

New City best endodontist
New City best endodontist

If you have a tooth that is very painful, is sensitive to heat and cold, or has reddened and swollen gums, you may well have a seriously infected tooth that needs root canal treatment. Root canal is a treatment that is performed for one reason, and one reason only – to save the life of a tooth. While many dentists perform root canal therapies, it is a process that benefits from using the latest in techniques and technologies. At our practice, New City Endodontics, we specialize in root canal treatments in our state-of-the-art office. For this reason, our treatments stand the best chance of being successful. And, we always make sure that our patients are totally comfortable during the procedure. When you are in need of the New City best endodontist, you will want to come and see one of our fine endodontists at our practice, New City Endodontics.

At New City Endodontics our two highly-skilled and expert endodontists are Dr. Maria Vinieris and Dr. George Mastromihalis. Our practice is limited to endodontics and has been serving our community for many years. At our endodontic office, you will find our New City best endodontist ready to help you save the life of your tooth. It used to be that patients would hear that they needed a root canal and would become quite fearful. However, today with all the advanced treatments and local anesthesia available, there is absolutely no reason to be fearful. We make sure that our patients are completely comfortable during the entire procedure.

During the root canal procedure, our New City best endodontist will gain access to the center of your tooth which is infected. A root canal is necessary when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay, infection or inflammation. Our doctor will clear out the infected pulp, thoroughly clean the root canal system, and seal the tooth to keep out other bacteria. This procedure can take one or two visits depending on your particular situation. Success for this type of treatment is better than 90%. If our dentist sees that there is a great likelihood that this procedure will not save your tooth, you will be informed during your initial consultation with our dentist. When a tooth does not heal quite right from a root canal, we perform an endodontic retreatment. This procedure is similar to the original root canal, but instead of the center pulp tissue being removed, the old root canal filling material is removed before retreatment. If you would like a consultation regarding root canal therapy, contact our office today.

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