North Bergen dental emergency

North Bergen Dental Emergency

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New City Endodontics is here for your next North Bergen dental emergency. A dental emergency can encompass a wide range of ailments, such as endodontic emergencies, avulsed teeth, dislodged teeth and fractured teeth. We are open Monday through Saturday, and closed on Sundays.

Deep inside the tooth lays a soft inner tissue called pulp. If the pulp opens, it becomes exposed to bacteria and other things that can cause it to decay. If a cavity forms, it can destroy the protective layers of enamel, leaving the area open to infection. If left untreated for too long an abscess can form. An abscess can spread quickly to become a dangerous infection. If you believe you have an abscess, you should schedule an appointment immediately at our North Bergen dental emergency office.

An endodontic procedure, or root canal, can save the tooth and alleviate the need of having to perform an extraction. Oftentimes, when teeth become infected it can cause an abscess or result in periodontal disease, which may damage the tooth’s sensitive inner pulp. A North Bergen dental emergency root canal is a necessary procedure to save the tooth if this is the case. For a dental emergency that causes a toothache we recommend using a toothpaste that helps sensitivity, using topical over the counter numbing agents for pain relief, and visiting us to find out the cause of the toothache. Some toothaches can be very painful, needing immediate treatment. Whatever the cause, our dentist can diagnose and treat it immediately.Tooth pain can happen when eating hot or cold foods, they can become sensitive to heat or cold, or they can be prey to swelling and redness around the gum area. Sensitive teeth can sometimes be a result of receding gums or thinning tooth enamel, or a cracked tooth or cavity.

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