Rockland County cracked teeth

Rockland County Cracked Teeth

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If you have intermittent tooth pain, you may have a crack tooth. At New City Endodontics, our top-notch endodontists, Dr. Maria Vinieris and Dr. George Mastromihalis, are experts in treating Rockland County cracked teeth.

When a patient has a crack in their tooth, the source of tooth pain can be very difficult to find. This is because the pain may be intermittent. As you chew, the crack can open and close, and the pulp at the center of the tooth may become damaged by irritation. Rockland County cracked teeth usually need to be treated by a root canal procedure. If the crack is too deep, and the tooth is too damaged, the tooth may need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant or dental bridge. Some cracks in the teeth can be easily seen, while others cannot. There are also many different types of tooth cracks. Sometimes a crack is purely superficial and can be easily fixed with dental bonding or with a porcelain veneer. However, there are other tooth cracks which need endodontic care. A cracked tooth can also cause dental pain when the tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures. Your dentist may have trouble locating the source of the pain because the crack in the tooth cannot be easily seen at all times. Our endodontists are highly trained in locating the source of tooth pain. If you are experiencing tooth pain you should come in to see one of our endodontists who can definitely locate the problem for you, and provide appropriate treatment to save the tooth. Because of the potential tooth damage that a crack can cause, it is important that tooth pain is always addressed; do not ignore it until the tooth problem worsens. If you need to have a root canal treatment, the earlier the treatment is performed, the greater its chance of success.

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