Rockland County extractions

Rockland County Extractions

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If it were possible, we at New City Endodontics would assure you that you could keep each and every one of your natural teeth, strong and viable, for life. It’s not always possible, though, so in those rare instances where there are no other options remaining for a particular tooth, you can be certain that our Rockland County extractions are performed with the expert and gentle care which is the foundation on which we’ve built our practice. We’re a success because of the results we achieve for our valued patients.

What leads to a dental extraction? There are two common reasons. One is that an infection inside the tooth has advanced to the point where endodontic treatment is unlikely to produce the needed outcome. The other is that the tooth has been weakened by decay and/or damaged beyond where a crown could reasonably restore it to a stable state that would allow you to be confident in it. The good news is that the more promptly you seek out our specialized care, the more likely it is that you won’t need to avail yourself of our Rockland County extractions. Of course, there are no 100% guarantees, but it’s important to act in a way that puts the odds in your favor, especially when it comes to your oral well-being. When the determination has been made that the only treatment possible for a particular tooth is removal of it, you will be numbed with local anesthesia first. Our Rockland County extractions are typically straightforward, and afterward the surgical area is stitched and you are given gauze to stem any residual bleeding, a natural post-surgery occurrence.

Anytime you have tooth pain, sensitivity to temperature, or you notice that your tooth has become damaged or cracked, it’s important to contact us immediately. We will make sure you are seen right away to promote the best possible result.

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