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Root canal in New City

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Root canal in New City
Root canal in New City

If you have a tooth that is very painful, or your gums around a tooth are swollen, you may need have an infected tooth that needs treatment. When you have a painful and infected tooth, chances are good that you may need a root canal in New City.

At New City Endodontics our practice is limited to the practice of endodontics, which is root canal therapy. Our two outstanding doctors are Dr. Maria Vinieris and Dr. George Mastromihalis. At our practice we use the latest technology as well as the most recent techniques to make sure that your root canal experience with us is pain-free and as comfortable as possible. We specialize in Conventional, Microscopic and Surgical Endodontics. The only reason a root canal is performed is to save the life of a tooth. Damage can occur to a tooth in several different ways. There may be: a deep cavity; a serious trauma injury; or too many fillings in one tooth. The inside of the tooth becomes infected and the infection damages the pulp of the tooth. (The pulp is actually a name for the collection of blood vessels and nerves that are inside the tooth.) If you do not have a root canal in New City, the infection may go on to damage the bone around the tooth, and a root canal treatment will be needed even more to save it. The sooner a root canal procedure is performed, the better chance it may have of actually saving the tooth.

During a root canal in New City the tooth is opened, the infected pulp is removed, the tooth is cleaned and filled, and then the tooth is sealed. If the tooth is very infected you may need to go on antibiotics before work can begin on the tooth. Root canals are generally performed under local anesthesia, and may take one or two visits to complete. The success rate for this type of treatment is over 90%. Our endodontist will generally be able to tell at time of treatment if there is likely to be a problem with the success of the procedure. Sometimes a root canal does not heal correctly and needs to be retreated. If you are in need of getting a root canal in New City, contact New City Endodontics for an appointment. Our doctor will be happy to examine your situation and see if root canal therapy is a good solution for your tooth pain problem.

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