Root Canal in Rockland County

Root Canal in Rockland County

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Root Canal Treatment in Rockland County

There are some unfortunate misconceptions about root canal therapy, but the more you know about this treatment, the more there is to feel confident and at ease about. Best of all, at New City Endodontics we are specialists in the performance of this procedure that saves your tooth.

The most obvious benefits of saving your tooth is that you won’t be left with empty space where a tooth used to exist. Back teeth lost to extraction make chewing less efficient, possibly having a negative effect on your digestion. Front and side teeth are visibly noticeable in their absences, which makes for a less than appealing smile. You might feel self-conscious about that. Furthermore, your other teeth are likely to shift, which can cause discomfort and the misalignment of your jaws. With our root canal in Rockland County, you avoid all of the above. But there is another major benefit to speak of. That lost tooth would have to replaced. You could choose a bridge or a partial removable denture. An implant would be an even better selection. But all three require time, effort, and expense that otherwise could be saved by having our root canal in Rockland County. It’s also true that no matter how good a replacement you get, and implants are unquestionably the best around, they are simply not the same as your real teeth. It’s also preferable to have a full set of natural teeth. So when you experience one or more of the common symptoms that typically mean a tooth infection, such as pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, gum tenderness, and tooth discoloration, you should not hesitate to get the attention you need and want from us.

Our root canal in Rockland County has an impressive rate of success, and makes it so you won’t have to go through all the trouble of losing a tooth and replacing it with an artificial one. Contact our office to arrange a timely appointment.

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