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Root Canal Treatment in New City

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Endodontist in New City

Root canal treatment in New City
Root canal treatment in New City

If you have a tooth that is causing a lot of pain, chances are that you may need root canal therapy. Or, you may have been told by your general dentist that you need a root canal and should find the services of a highly skilled endodontist. When you need expert root canal treatment in New City, you will do well to come to our practice, New City Endodontics.

When people come to New City Endodontics for root canal treatment in New City, they can relax knowing that they are being treated by the best endodontists who provide exceptional root canal treatment for infected or damaged teeth. Our practice is limited to endodontics, and is dedicated to saving the life of teeth. Our endodontists are Dr. Maria Vinieris and Dr. George Mastromihalis. We offer exceptional, outstanding service for our patients and bring unparalleled expertise to our treatments. Our office is state-of-the-art and this is important in both the type of root canal treatment that we are able to offer, and in ensuing the successful treatment. It also means that our patients will remain entirely comfortable during the root canal procedure; this is of paramount importance to us as well as to our patients. We want our patients to have a great experience at our office as we proceed to restore their infected tooth to its full health.

The treatments that we offer are conventional, microscopic and surgical endodontics. Our root canal treatment in New City is necessary when the nerve of a tooth is damaged by decay, infection or inflammation. It is important to get root canal treatment as soon as possible — it is much more likely to be totally successful if treated in the earlier stages. Tooth infection can be caused by tooth trauma, tooth decay, cracks or chips in the tooth, or by repeated dental procedures on the one tooth. Common symptoms indicating that the nerve is infected is if the tooth is sensitive to hot and cold, or percussion. During a root canal the injured pulp in the center of the tooth is removed. Then the root canal system of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. This is done using the help of local anesthesia, and can generally be done in one, sometimes two visits. Treatment success occurs in more than 90% of the cases. There are times when the tooth needs retreatment. Hopefully, this extra procedure will provide the tooth with the ability to completely heal. If you would like to meet with one of our expert endodontists, contact us now at New City Endodontics.

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